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Electrical Wiring Services You May Need In Houston

Electrical Wiring in HoustonWhen it comes to your home, a safe environment is of paramount importance. Whether you have a new or older home in Houston, wiring services are important for certain situations and at certain times.

It is imperative to choose a professional electrician to complete any type of remodeling, lighting additions, or room additions for safety reasons. Also, remodeling or adding onto your home will usually involve permitting and passing an inspection performed by local building safety code authorities. Too many homeowners try to bypass this process only to find their homes have electrical problems that put them at risk of fire or electrical shock.

Our electricians at SGG Electrical Services often meet with code compliance inspectors to ensure that the work is performed correctly and is completely safe. Since we service the Houston area regularly, we have developed the necessary knowledge on what is required to pass inspections the first time. Make sure your electrician has this type of experience.

Here are some situations where it’s important to hire a Houston electrician for electrical wiring services.

1. Replacement of Knob and Tube Wiring

You may have trouble getting insurance on your newly purchased but older home in Houston until some or all of the knob and tube wiring is replaced.

Knob and tube wiring was used from about 1880 to 1940. You can tell that you have knob and tube wiring if you see that the electrical wires are anchored by a ceramic insulating knob. The wiring is threaded through the tube and mounted to the joists of your home.

While this construction is not necessarily considered unsafe, there are some issues attributed to this type of wiring. For instance, insulation and other materials cannot touch the wiring. Also, this wiring does not provide a third wire for grounding.

It is no longer used in homes because it cannot carry the electrical load that modern homes require. As the use of home appliances and electronic devices increase so does the demand for power which increases the stress on older electrical systems. Having an experienced electrician rewire the home is the safest option.

2. Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Existing aluminum wiring can pose a serious fire risk to you and your family if present in your home. You may not know you have aluminum wiring or what kind of condition it’s in. At your outlet connections, they compose a high risk of failure that can create a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, many Houston homes built prior to 1965 are likely to contain aluminum wiring because of a shortage of copper during that period of development. After aluminum wiring was again replaced with copper, many homes were not upgraded. Repairs were made with components manufactured for use with copper wiring and not aluminum. This is one reason that aluminum wiring can cause a house fire.

You will want to replace or properly repair aluminum wiring, and you will want a professional to do it for you. Our electrical engineers can evaluate your current wiring and determine what materials were used in your home.

3. Wiring For Additional Lighting

You may want to add additional lighting to your home. If so, additional wiring will need to be installed by an electrician. Lighting can enhance and accentuate different areas of your home, whether indoors or outdoors.

Added to outdoor living areas, spot lighting can accentuate planting areas, outdoor fireplaces or barbecue areas. Installing patio lights or additional outdoor lights for patios and other areas can extend how long you enjoy the time spent outdoors at night. Additional lighting also adds safety and security to your home.

4. Additional Wiring Circuits For Heavy Appliances

A wiring circuit either supports several electrical devices and outlets or it can only support one. A dedicated circuit will only support the power needs of one appliance. A dedicated circuit should be installed for a heavy appliance such as:

  • Hot tub, Jacuzzi, spa, sauna
  • Vehicle charging station
  • Generator
  • Solar power panel
  • Electric range, refrigerator, freezer
  • Water heater
  • Dryer, washer
  • Garbage disposal
  • Large microwave
  • Heat pump
  • Sump pump
  • HVAC system
  • Ventilation fans

The dedicated circuit is installed to protect the appliances, your home and family, and the wiring network of the house. If you have experienced frequent breaker tripping, there may be an appliance that is too heavy for the shared electrical circuit. Call your electrician and tell them about the problem. They can inspect the power needs of the appliance and the current wiring configuration.

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