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Holiday Electrical Safety Tips for Houston Residents

holiday-decorations-lights-houstonNow that Halloween has passed, Houston residents are getting ready for the holiday season. Our friends and family will begin to put out beautiful Houston electrical decorations and lights to start the festivities. During the holidays, we demand that our electrical systems perform in different ways. As such, it is always important to review how to use your electrical system in the safest fashion during the holiday season.

At SGG Electrical Services, our Houston electricians enjoy the holiday season as much as everyone else. We have provided the following easy tips to follow to ensure that your electrical decorations are used in the safest possible fashion. As always, our electrical repair technicians are always available to help you with any of your needs.

Inspect Holiday Electrical Decorations Before Use

One major concern every holiday season is the use of old, dangerous, and damaged electrical decorations. Nostalgia is one of the great ways to celebrate the holidays. As such, we reuse the same electrical decorations and lighting each and every year. Before you plug in your electrical decorations, make sure to inspect them to ensure that they can operate safely.

Do Not Over Use the Same Electrical Outlet

During the holidays, Houston residents and families install many electrical decorations and lights around their homes. In doing so, it is important to stay conscious of how much electricity is demanded at different outlets. As a general rule, never plug more than one high wattage electrical decoration into an outlet. Also, never connect more than three strings of incandescent light bulbs. Deviating from these rules increases the probability of an electrical fire.

Protect Electrical Cords from Traffic and Damage

At some point, every Houston resident has plugged in a decoration where the cord was placed in a dangerous position. Always take steps to ensure that your electrical cords are protected from damage. This includes keeping cords out of high traffic areas. Also, do not run electrical decoration cords through tight spaces like windows and doors. Lastly, make certain that electrical cords are not pinched under furniture.

Always Hire a Houston Electrician to Conduct Repairs

The number one electrical safety rule applies year round. Always hire a professionally licensed Houston electrician to conduct electrical repairs. Although electricity is ubiquitous, it is an extremely powerful and dangerous force. Conducting electrical repairs without the proper training and equipment is extremely hazardous. At SGG Electrical Services, our Houston electricians are available year round to provide for all of your electrical repair needs. We wish all of Houston a joyous and wonderful Holiday Season.

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