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If you are upgrading your Houston commercial lighting, you will want to seriously consider adding some LED lighting. It will not only help you to cut down on energy costs, but will also help to create an attractive business that will be alluring and inviting to customers.

In recent years, LED lighting has taken the world by storm with the creation of new technologies that save energy and create and enhance emotions.

LED retrofits can be utilized by business owners for commercial applications. Property owners have become excited over the deployment of LED lighting because they can achieve significant energy savings, reduce hazardous gasses (such as mercury), and cut down on bulb replacement costs, as well as give their building some aesthetic appeal.

By retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures, businesses can harness the key properties that make LED's popular.

  • Lower energy costs

  • Minimum maintenance costs

  • Higher performance

  • Environmentally friendly

LED Retrofits Lighting Options for Commercial Businesses

LED Lighting is now used in a vast array of commercial applications. Commercial LED lighting applications include:

  • Colored lighting for mood creation

  • Highlighting or focus lighting architectural features

  • Highlighting services or products

  • Safety Lighting

LED lighting is most popularly used in:

  • Retail Store displays

  • Restaurants

  • Night clubs

  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Casinos

  • Theaters

  • Social Atmospheres

LED Lighting can be optimized for low and high bay environments including manufacturing, warehouse, distribution centers. LED Lighting Applications for Commercial and Industrial Buildings:

  • Parking Lots

  • Parking Garages

  • Service Garages

  • High Bay or Low Bay Lighting

  • Canopy Lighting

  • Stairwells

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehouse

  • Distribution Centers

Whether you want to set the mood to create better sales, create an inviting atmosphere to enhance a festive mood, or make a distinct impression with dynamic and programmable LED lighting options, we can provide you with your LED retrofit.

SGG Electrical Services is your commercial LED Retrofit professional in the Houston metro area. Our provide Service Light Pole Inspections and more. Our commercial electrical specialties include:

  • Night Inspections

  • Lighting Upgrades

  • LED Retrofits

We Provide Commercial Electric Services to the Following Towns in Texas

Pearland, TX | Sugarland, TX | Missouri City, TX | Houston, TX | Bellaire, TX | Friendswood, TX | Kemah, TX | Webster, TX | Pasadena, TX | Santa Fe, TX

If you need LED Retrofit Services, please call SGG Electrical Services at 281-648-2177 or complete our online request form.